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7th Jul 2022, 1:18 PM


War Priest #1 and how we got here

Hello everyone!

I wanted to talk a little about War Priest and why I am sharing it on ComicFury. 

War Priest was an idea I had years ago. In the beginning, all I had was the character design. The Hat. A big sword. Over time I loosely developed a story concept and chain of events.

A few years ago, I was on my way to HeroesCon and decided I needed something to show. War Priest was the result. I did about 10 pages in black and white, printed them up and gave them away.

War Priest #1 was really an attempt to learn how to make comics. I had done some before, but this time I wanted to really learn the craft. I never knew if anyone else would ever even see this book. I never believed it would be partially published, given away, and successfully crowd funded. Then nearly sold out at HeroesCon 2022, have alternate covers, fan art, all the things.

That being said, there are panels and images in here directly pulled from some of my favorite artists. Jorge Fornes, David Aja and probably many more.

I have made many comics since this story was made, and I think I am close to knowing who I am as an artist now.

I am proud of War Priest and excited to share this world with you. And I'm doing it for free because I hope you will take chance on Matthias and I. I want to finish making the other two issues and I want people to know about it. 

So if you are interested, click the "First" button and lets go on a journey together!

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7th Jul 2022, 3:27 PM

Chuck (Guest)

Awesome brother!

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7th Jul 2022, 3:36 PM


Thank you my friend!

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